Kefalonia Water Sports - Banana

Its colour is yellow of course and has eight seats. The most suitable sport for the whole family! The only thing you have to do is to tell  the driver how fast you want to go.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Tube

A huge inflating  "donut". You can lie or kneel on it (Slider) and hold tight as long as the driver does every possible move to knock you down. But no matter how tight you will hold the tube, it is hard to avoid the drop.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Fly Fish

Fly Fish:
Its name alerts you for  the total speed experience that you are going to have when the ride starts. There will only be just a few moments that you will be on the water. The challenge is that only a few people have made it to stay on the Fly Fish for a long time in the right position. The contact with the water happens in the most spectacular way.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Crazy Ufo

Crazy Ufo:
It looks like a comfortable "sofa".. And while you are sitting talking with your friends you realize that it was not the way you thought it was! Shockingly sense of speed combined with comfort. But you must be standby! The driver speeds up without a caution and you may fall into the water.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Water Ski

Water Ski:
Beginner or skilled with Water Ski you can firm up your  technique or just  to start with the basics. We provide you all the necessary gear joint with our experience in this sport, will make you wonder about your progress!

Kefalonia Water Sports - Wakeboard

One of the most fascinating water sports, eligible for all levels of experience. If you do it once it is going to be very hard to work on another sport. High level speed and jumps over the waves are the most characteristically things of Wakeboard. The only thing you need is DARING.the rest gear is provided by us.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Kneeboard

If you find water ski or wakeboard too difficult, for you there is always the choice of kneeboard! Kneeboard is exciting and at the same time very  easy! You just kneel on the special board and you hold tight the rope.. Is the perfect opportunity for those who don't dare much, to live thrilling moments over the waves!

Kefalonia Water Sports - Jet ski

Jet Ski:
Do you like speed? Then this sport is made for you!  The unique sense of freedom that  you  feel when driving fast on the water is hard to be described in words.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Canoe

Alone or with company, Canoe is an easy way to enjoy the sea and exercise  towardly under  the sun and always in your kind of style.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Pedal Boat

Pedal Boat:
If you want to seek the territorial beaches the pedal boat is the best choice. Ideal for a drive with your family but not only.. The easiest and most joyful way to enjoy the sea.

Kefalonia Water Sports - Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand up paddle boards (SUP):
SUP offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. With a minimum of gear, you can paddle on the sea surf and enjoy a full-body workout and an intense cross-training activity. Since you stand at your full height, you can enjoy unique views of everything from sea creatures to what’s on the horizon. To get started, you just need some basic SUP gear and techniques